Ensure Clean and Accurate data with SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS)

Inaccurate and incorrect data can result from user data entry errors, data corruption on transmission, multiple master reference tables, mismatched or redundant data dictionary definitions, and other data quality process issues. Inconsistent and invalid data can result from aggregating data from different data source systems that lack or does not enforce standards.

These are data quality issues that affect the ability of a business to perform its data-driven functions which may result into revenue loss due to wrong business decisions, customer dissatisfaction due to inefficient processes, and a myriad of regulatory compliance issues.

Bad data quality can wreak havoc in Data Analysis, Reporting & Visualization, Data Warehousing, Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Info Alchemy offers data cleansing professional services, data quality consulting, implementation and training using SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS).

Introduction to DQS

SQL Server Data Quality Services is a knowledge-driven solution that provides both automated and interactive ways to manage the integrity and quality of your data sources. DQS enables you to discover, build, and manage knowledge about your data. You can then use that knowledge to perform data profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring:

  • Cleansing: the modification, removal, or enrichment of data that is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Profiling: the analysis of a data source to provide insight into the quality of the data.
  • Matching: the identification of semantic duplicates in a rules-based process that enables you to determine and perform de-duplication.
  • Monitoring: the tracking and determination of the state of data quality activities to ensure that your data quality solution is achieving its objective.

SQL Server DQS helps you leverage the value of clean and accurate data. Contact us for details.

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