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MapR is transforming businesses by helping companies innovate and cut costs with the industry’s only converged data platform. The way companies store, process and apply data has been at the core of the biggest technology-driven advances for decades. Entire industries are being disrupted with the innovative application of data. MapR enables next generation converged applications through its patented technology architecture that brings together analytics and operations into next-generation converged applications for business.

MapR-DB adds real-time, interactive database workloads to analytical environments

MapR-DB is an enterprise-grade, high performance, NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) database management system. It is used to add real-time, operational analytics capabilities to big data applications. As a multi-model NoSQL database, it natively supports a JSON document model (via the Open JSON Application Interface, or “OJAI”) and a wide column data model.

Key Features

Real-Time Operational Analytics:

You can run MapR-DB in the same cluster as Apache™ Hadoop® and Apache Spark, letting you immediately analyze or process live, interactive data. You can eliminate data silos to speed the data-to-action cycle, while also enabling a more efficient data architecture.

Minimal Administrative Overhead:

With MapR-DB, you can reduce your administrative overhead by eliminating maintenance tasks that are typical in other NoSQL databases, such as compactions and anti-entropy. You also get mission-critical capabilities like instant failover for high availability and global multi-master replication for disaster recovery.

Fine Grained Security:

MapR-DB lets you grant access permissions at a granular level using MapR Access Control Expressions (ACES), which are designed for flexibility and ease-of-use. You can set different permission levels for different roles at the sub-document level (for the JSON document model) or at the column level (for the wide column data model).

Use Cases

Liaison Technologies:

Going Big (Data) with MapR Hadoop and Cisco UCS**: Liaison Technologies provides cloud-based solutions to help organizations integrate, manage, and secure data across the enterprise. A few years ago, Liaison noticed the increasing market trend of blending data integration and data management needs. In response, the company decided to add data management capabilities to its strategic cloud platform to enable big data applications.

Pontis Transitions from a Legacy Architecture to a Big Data Platform:

Pontis is a developer of online marketing automation solutions for the telecommunications industry. Pontis solutions replace traditional, mass segmentation telco tactics with multi-dimensional context marketing that lets communications service providers build continuous, on-going dialogs with individual customers and respond to personal needs and preferences. Their current clients include leading global telco companies such as Vodafone, Telefónica, and VimpelCom.

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